Ascension Sunday/World Day of Prayer for Communications

“Ascension,” by Giotto, 14th century. (Wikipedia)

The Feast of the Ascension of the Lord: is part of the resurrection. Resurrection emphasises that Jesus has entered a new life and not just that he recovered his previous life.

The ascension emphasises that the risen Jesus is together with the Father, that he shares the place and dignity of the Father. This important feast – in the past celebrated on the 40th day after Easter – reminds ourselves that when Jesus left us he gave us a very important mission.

That mission was and is to continue his loving and redemptive presence in the world. Let us ask him today to help us, together with him, to carry out that huge responsibility in the way he wants.

The Feast of Ascension is celebrated in connection with World Communications Day. We are invited to reflect upon the diversity of media of social communication and how they influence our lives.

Here is a link to the Pope’s Message entitled “Listen!”.

The Holy Father says; “Every dialogue, every relationship begins with listening. For this reason, in order to grow, even professionally, as communicators, we need to relearn to listen a lot”