May 2021 Update:

In line with Government and HSE guidelines, Fr Paddy & the Parish Pastoral Council in consultation with the Covid-19 Support Team can confirm that all Churches will reopen for public worship from Monday May 10th.

Our Mass schedule will remain as it was;

Tuesdays 9.30am (Tenure)         Wednesdays 9.30am (Fieldstown)            

Fridays 8pm (Tenure)       Saturdays 6.30pm Vigil (Tenure)           

Sundays 9.45am (Fieldstown) Sundays 11.15am (Tenure)

The Social distancing, mask wearing, hand hygiene & one way systems within the Church will still be in place, as a reminder you may wish to bring a coat as doors will remain open to allow good ventilation.

The Archbishop received clarification from the Office of An Taoiseach on a number of issues as follows: Where the size of the premises/Place of Worship allows for a capacity of greater than 50 this may be permitted in PODS only where:

  • social distancing guidelines are adhered to.
  • the premises can be subdivided into distinct sections (cordoned or marked appropriately) of not more than 50 persons in each section.
  • there is a minimum of 4 metres between sections.
  • each section having its own entrance/exit route.
  • separate arrangements for the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • strictly no movement of people between sections before, during or after the service.
  • the premises is well-ventilated.

On this basis, 100 people (2 pods x 50) can be accomodated at each Mass in Tenure, and 50 people at each Mass in Fieldstown.

Other Liturgies & Sacraments: Baptisms are now able to take place, but with caution regarding numbers (max. 20), & providing all attending observe social distancing, hand hygiene & wear masks.  Pls contact the office/Fr. Paddy. For Funerals only 50 mourners are permitted in Church for the Funeral Mass, and no gathering of mourners outside on Church grounds; For Weddings, 100 guests in the Church for the Mass/Ceremony.

Update as of 29th January 2021

Our Churches remain open – for solitary prayer – during daylight hours; Please note that due to the current government restrictions, all Masses will be online only for the foreseeable future. Please continue to do your best to follow all the instructions which prevent the spread of Coronavirus 

Other Liturgies & Sacraments:
For Funerals only 10 mourners are permittred in Church for the Funeral Mass, and no gathering of mourners outside on Church grounds;
For Wedddings, only 6 guests in the Church for the Mass/Ceremony.
Baptisms are not currently permitted
Due to so many (baptisms) being postponed in recent times, Fr. Paddy will do everything he can to facilitate Baptisms once permitted to do so by Public Health directives.

Throughout 2020:

During the course of the Pandemic, we in the Parish, have been following the best practice outlined by both the Public Health and The Archdiocese of Armagh.

We formed a Covid-19 Advisory Committee consisting of Fr. Paddy & two representatives from the Parish Finance Committee, and two from the Parish Pastoral Council. This committee met, and ensured that both Churches were laid out safely to ensure social distancing and maximum capacity levels. (The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Tenure can accommodate a maximum of 100 People in 2 x (50 person) Pods. The Church of Our Lady of the Nativity, Fieldstown can accommodate a maximum of 50 people).

Automatic disinfectant gel dispensers were placed at the doors, and the Churches are sprayed regularly with medical grade disinfectant using a spray-fogger which ensures that exposed surfaces are treated.

Parishioners are asked to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and enter and leave the Church promptly.

We are doing everything we can to help keep those attending our Churches safe. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Fr. Paddy